Minister for older people owes a grovelling apology

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today called for the Minister for older people to issue a grovelling apology after research from the party revealed that between March 2020 and January 2021, the minister made no physical or virtual visits to care homes and had attended just one meeting with care home staff, relatives or industry representatives.

Scot Lib Dem older people's spokesperson Rosemary Bruce said:

“The past year has been impossibly difficult for care home residents and their families. These people are at the height of vulnerability and as a result they have been, and continue to be, some of the most isolated in our communities.

“There has been a perpetual maze of new public health advice and guidance, and the constant strain of balancing the risk of COVID-19 against loneliness for both the residents and their families. Many have been shunted between homes and hospitals and deprived of access to their families. Comforts have been few and far between.

“A Minister for Older People should have been a reassuring presence. Instead, she has been completely absent. The only engagement she has had with care home residents, their families and the industry as a whole is being a passenger in someone else's meeting.

"Christina McKelvie owes care home residents and their families a grovelling apology."


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