Mental Health Recovery Plan

By Media Team, Apr 05, 2021 11:04

For too long, vulnerable people have been subjected to harrowing long waits for mental health treatment.

It is impossible to imagine just how hard it must be. Despite the warnings, it is only getting worse with the pandemic.

As Scotland begins to reopen, we desperately need to put the recovery first and invest in mental health services. We need a mental health recovery plan.

You can read our Mental Health Recovery Plan here. Our plans will:

👶🏼 Offer new parents greater access to mental health services, including ensuring the post-natal six-week check has support from a GP and Health Visitor with training on maternal mental health.

💼 Work with businesses and organisations towards an ambition of having a mental health first aider in every workplace, capable of providing peer support and identifying signs of ill health among colleagues. 

💷 Double the number of specialist psychiatrists in training for young people by offering £5,000 grants to students undertaking courses, ensuring a wider range of people from diverse backgrounds are able to train.

👩🏻‍⚕️ Increase the number of mental health professionals working at GP practices to help meet demand and improve access and provide more walk-in services at mental health emergency centres.

There is no issue as important to Liberal Democrats as this. On day one after the election, we will refresh the mental health strategy in line with our mental health recovery plan and the £120m we have already secured.

For people in need or for families in the depth of worry about a loved one, mental health must be taken as seriously as physical health in the next Parliament



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