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since Scotland's mental health strategy expired

The SNP have let the share of the NHS budget spent on mental health drop for years.

It became clear during our budget discussions with them that the SNP Government is much further behind on mental health than we feared.

The SNP were simply unable to make the changes to their budget towards what we know is important for mental health. We wanted a doubling of services for young people, comprehensive support at GP surgeries and round the clock A&E cover.

Lib Dems want to see a step change in the way we treat mental ill health in Scotland.

Our plan would see a massive increase in funding for services and ensure people are treated with the dignity they deserve.

  • Transform mental health support so people can get the treatment they need

  • Change the law to put mental health on the same statutory footing as physical health;

  • Double the mental health budget for children and young people so they can access better services

  • Train more mental health professionals and co-locate them with GPs, the police, at A&E and in prisons

  • Recruit, retain and train more GPs, increasing the share of health spending on primary care, and trebling the Primary Care Fund.

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