McArthur: “Too big to fail” approach led to police debacle

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP has today called on the police and SNP ministers to explain what lessons it has learned after Audit Scotland published a damning review of the failed i6 IT project.

The £60 million project, expected to generate savings of £200 million, was terminated last July. Now Audit Scotland has exposed the full extent of the disagreements between the contractor and Police Scotland which dogged the project and ultimately led to its collapse.

Commenting Mr McArthur said:

“This report shows a project that was doomed to fail from day one. Dogged by miscommunication and false expectations, everyone involved stuck their fingers in their ears and carried on regardless.

“They were blinkered by the need to avoid the i6 programme becoming the latest in a string of debacles resulting from the SNP’s chaotic police centralisation. They deemed it too big to fail.

“Years of work has all been for nothing. The frustration that any police officer must be feeling when reading this report is entirely justifiable. They will be stuck using dysfunctional IT systems for many more years. The benefits centralisation promised them haven’t materialised.

“SNP ministers and the police need to explain what lessons have been learned from this sorry episode, particularly as they move towards merging the British Transport Police, and how they will now bring the national force’s IT into the 21st century.”

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