McArthur: SNP letting Police Officers down

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesman Liam McArthur MSP has said that the Scottish Government are letting down Police Officers and failing communities across Scotland in response to reports that police officers are being actively told not to investigate drug dealers to avoid over time.

Calum Steele from the SPF took to social media to show an email from a police officer who was told ‘not to be proactive and investigate drug dealers because it could cause overtime but rather just do the work we are given.’

Commenting, Mr McArthur said:

“These latest reports are hugely concerning on the same day that we have seen the largest ever recorded number of drug related deaths. We need our police officers to be helping take drug dealers off our streets, not heading home early because we cannot afford to pay for overtime.

“This is just the latest in a series of deeply worrying reports from officers on the front line who say they are not getting the resources they need to do their jobs.

“Maintaining officer numbers is meaningless unless they are able to be proactive in their job and help keep streets safe. SNP Ministers are letting officers down and failing communities across Scotland.”

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