McArthur: Parliament must get to bottom of SPA resignation

Responding to Moi Ali's tweet, in which she accused the Chair of the Scottish Police Authority of misleading the Scottish Parliament’s Audit Committee over the circumstances of her resignation, Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP said:

"If the Chair of the SPA has given the Parliament incorrect information then that is serious.

“The latest chapter in this story is further evidence of the SPA’s baseless opposition to transparency. The SPA spends billions of pounds of public money and it is time it respected basic democratic principles and was open with people.

“As well as publishing its papers in advance and giving people a chance to scrutinise their work, Parliament needs to get to the bottom of why a board member was marginalised for voicing reasonable concerns and felt she had to resign.

“Perhaps if the SPA was more open to constructive criticism then it wouldn’t be in the mess it is currently.”

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