McArthur: Human rights violations should be ringing alarm bells

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson has today said that alarm bells should be ringing within the Scottish Government after it was revealed today that cutbacks to police service are resulting in the violation of human rights to those in custody.

Evidence submitted by the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) to the Holyrood justice subcommittee on policing has shown that budget-driven reduction in costs has resulted in people being kept in handcuffs and cages for long periods of time. The SPF also said that diminished funding was resulting in officers being put under "intolerable  pressures".

Commenting Mr McArthur said:

"The SNP said that centralising policing would deliver savings. We know from Audit Scotland that these have failed to materialise.

"Instead we have a police budget under such pressure that the Scottish Police Federation is warning that prisoners' human rights are not being respected in some instances.

"This should have alarm bells ringing within the Scottish Government and demands an urgent response from Ministers."

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