McArthur: Heathrow support flies A380 through climate commitments

Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP today said that the SNP’s aviation policies fly an Airbus A380 through its climate commitments, following its sudden support for Heathrow expansion and plans for a £250 million tax cut for airlines. 

Speaking during the Environment and Climate Change debate at Parliament this afternoon, Mr McArthur said Scotland can deliver on climate change targets by charting a more ambitious path on the environment. 

Mr McArthur also urged the Scottish Government to use its powers to reduce emissions in areas such as heat and transport and called on the Scottish and UK governments to maintain and invest in world class research, innovation and skills in Scotland.

Mr McArthur commented: 

“Our membership of the European Union has played a crucial role developing the environmental agenda, raising standards in air and water quality, cutting emissions and reducing waste. 

“But Scottish Government cannot throw its hands in the air and say nothing more can be done. The Cabinet Secretary can take a bolder, more ambitious path on the environment. Heat and transport are just two areas where greater progress must be made. 

“With their sudden support for Heathrow expansion, this SNP Government has chosen to fly an Airbus A380 through Scotland’s climate change commitments. 

“Combined with plans for a £250m APD tax cut, pumping an extra 60,000 tonnes of carbon into Scotland’s air each year, it is increasingly difficult to believe the SNP can build a sustainable legacy for our children. 

“With a record like this, the only people not let down by the SNP will be the Heathrow lobbyists congratulating themselves on money well spent at the recent SNP conference.” 

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