McArthur: Conservatives as “eco-friendly as a dustbin fire”

Responding to the Scottish Conservatives’ environment announcement, Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP said:

“The Tories are about as eco-friendly as a dustbin fire.

“Under the Coalition Government, Britain’s renewable power capacity trebled, with over £40bn invested into onshore and offshore wind farms, solar and biomass. Yet, as soon as they got a majority on their own, the Tories made sweeping cuts in renewables. They are doing massive damage to our ability to build a greener, more sustainable future.

“The Tories, of course, have previous on the environment. They hugged huskies for the TV cameras but now go hand in hand with climate change denier Donald Trump. The Tories are playing Scotland for fools if they think we have all forgotten.” 

Since the 2015 election the Conservative Party have:

  • Scrapped support for onshore wind
  • Scrapped support for solar even though it cost consumers just 50p per year
  • Abandoned the flagship green homes scheme, despite homes accounting for 1/3 of emissions
  • Plotted to sell off the Green Investment Bank
  • Ensured greener cars now cost £1,000 more
  • Abolished rules on zero carbon homes
  • Allowed fracking in Britain’s most important nature sites

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