Our Plan for Scotland

A sustainable society

A sustainable society

Our ambitions for education will mean we have a Scottish society where everyone has the opportunity to participate, to have a good job and to achieve their potential.

A society is stronger if it is fairer. Evidence from around the world shows that the economy benefits from a society where every person has the opportunity to get on in life and where extremes of wealth and power are being reduced.

Scottish Liberal Democrats will make that our approach at home and our liberal values, not least human rights, LGBTI equality and sustainable development, will guide our work internationally.

We will continue to develop and deepen the relationships between Scotland and Malawi at governmental, community, educational and environmental levels.

We will support fair business practice.

We will pay the Living Wage for all public services. We will continue and expand the Scottish Government’s Fair Business Pledge to encourage liberal business practices on decent wages, profit-sharing, workforce engagement, investment in young people, a balanced workforce, with women in senior roles, and prompt payment to suppliers.

We will restrict future business development funding, such as regional selective assistance, to companies that pay the Living Wage.

We will invite the Public Audit Committee to examine all future grants to businesses above £250,000 before they are paid to satisfy us that the recipient company pays a fair level of UK tax.

We will abolish fees for employment tribunals.