Our Plan for Scotland

A strong, productive economy

A strong, productive economy

We will make sure the investment in education delivers the extra skills that Scottish business needs to improve productivity and succeed. We will:

  • Help schools develop links with local businesses and universities, echoing the report of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce;
  • Give schools, working with parents, the freedom to develop specialisms;
  • Make sure there is time in the curriculum for good citizenship, including the basics of financial education, a strong commitment to diversity and anti-bullying, and practical life skills such as first aid training;
  • Work with employers to assess the skills needed by each business sector and increase the delivery of industry-recognised vocational qualifications from schools and colleges alongside academic qualifications;
  • Support the current Scottish Government’s plan for 30,000 new apprenticeships and work on a sector skills basis with employers to have as many as possible of these at higher levels, with steps taken to increase the range of apprenticeships available for women, and for disabled people.

The Apprenticeship Levy is a proposal by the UK Government to charge bigger businesses a levy on their payroll. The details of the plan remain unclear. Scottish businesses and organisations are expected to pay the levy.

We will work to make sure that the revenues that come to the Scottish Government from it are used to provide better skills training, in partnership with business.

We will consider using the revenues to cut business taxes for those that are already providing high levels of training.