Our Plan for Scotland

Taking the carbon out of business and industry

Taking the carbon out of business and industry

The Scottish oil and gas industry has had a productive forty years and still has decades left.

It has our full support for the rest of its working life.

But everyone knows that we cannot continue with fossil fuel industries forever.

It is right to plan for a future beyond fossil fuels. We will:

  • Not permit fracking or similar unconventional processes;
  • End open-cast coal mining, given the devastating damage done to landscapes with little prospect of restoration;
  • Start a new programme to help to plan now the very long-term switch from fossil fuel appliances at home and in business towards other forms of energy;
  • Streamline planning and licensing rules for small-scale hydro power schemes;
  • Maintain support for the development of carbon capture and storage at Peterhead;
  • Put a priority in the Renewable Heat Strategy to help Scotland’s food and drink businesses move away from fossil fuels, through grants and loans to make use of the waste materials, hydro power and geothermal energy surrounding many of those businesses.