Our Plan for Scotland

Education is the key

Education is the key

Education is the essential investment that allows everyone to achieve their potential.

For centuries Scotland led the world on education. Now our once-proud education system is slipping down the international performance league.

The attainment gap between children from richer and poorer backgrounds is widening. Early learning targets have been missed.

College places have been cut.

Action in the next five years can change that.

The benefits that individuals and Scotland as a whole can gain from investment in education are so great that this must be the main priority of the next Scottish Parliament.

Our Scottish Liberal Democrat proposal is to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to raise half a billion pounds extra every year for education from a 1p increase in income tax across all bands.

This will raise £505 million in 2017-18 and £520 million the year after, according to the latest estimate from HMRC.

The rise in the personal allowance, championed by Liberal Democrats, means this contribution is fair and falls mainly on those with the broadest shoulders.

Our investment in schools will stop the deep and damaging cuts that are on the near horizon. We will not stand back and watch the destruction of education.

The money provided will have a transformative impact on education in Scotland:

  • The expansion of early education;
  • A Scottish Pupil Premium to give extra support in every classroom;
  • Build back up the role of colleges;
  • Reversing the cuts to councils.