Our Plan for Scotland

Meeting climate change obligations

Meeting climate change obligations

Scottish Liberal Democrats have no doubt that climate change threatens our way of life in this country and around the world.

Scotland has missed its statutory annual climate change targets for the last four years. So action in the next five years will have to be strong, committed and cross-party.

Scottish Liberal Democrats support many of the actions of the Scottish Government to address climate change and meet carbon emissions targets. After all, many of their actions, particularly on renewable energy, build on the ambitions and priorities identified when there was a Liberal Democrat environment minister in Scotland.

More needs to be done.

We will continue the work of Scotland’s Climate Justice Fund to support international action against climate change.

We will beat Scotland’s climate change targets by developing bolder plans in addition to the existing plans. Scottish Liberal Democrats will give a priority to warm homes, renewable heat, low-carbon transport as well as continued support for renewable electricity generation and a move away from high-polluting fossil fuels with action to cut carbon emissions from industry.