Lord Wallace to speak on “badly bungled” EU (Withdrawal) Bill

As peers debate the flawed EU (Withdrawal) Bill today, in one of the most subscribed debates in history, former Deputy First Minister and Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Lord Jim Wallace has voiced concern about EU withdrawal legislation and called on both the Scottish and UK Governments to give people the chance to vote on the final agreement.

Lord Wallace said:

“This EU withdrawal legislation has been badly bungled. The Bill, as it is currently drafted, virtually turns the architecture of devolution and the Scotland Act on its head. The upper chamber will provide essential scrutiny and shall make every effort to ensure that the principles of devolution are respected.

“What’s more, recent polls show the British public is increasingly in favour of opening the final Brexit deal up to wider public scrutiny. More and more of the British people are recognising that these negotiations shouldn’t be allowed to be one big Tory stitch up.

“In the face of growing support for a referendum on the final deal the Scottish Government ought to join the growing crowd of voices lead by Liberal Democrats calling for the public to have their say on the final settlement.”

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