Lord Steel says “Let’s call the whole thing off”

Former Liberal Leader David Steel has urged Theresa May to call off the attempts at Brexit. In a statement today he urged her to use a Prime Ministerial TV broadcast to admit that she has tried her best to implement the wishes of the British people narrowly expressed in the referendum, but that it has proved too difficult and damaging for the UK, and that therefore she is going to ask for a people’s vote on whether they really wish to crash out of the EU.

She could cite the Governor of the Bank of England, the IMF, the UK car makers and even the Chairman of the John Lewis partnership in support not of “project fear” but “project reality”.

Lord Steel commented:

“I was active in the 1975 referendum, but in this last one we heard little of the real reason for staying in the EU, namely the need to maintain a highly successful international unit which has guaranteed that never again as twice in the twentieth century would the nations of Europe be at destructive war. 

“The PM should promise to work for reforms in the institution and to steer government investment to the underprivileged parts of England who in desperation voted out”

“In the words of the popular American song let’s call the whole thing off”.

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