Lord Campbell demands people’s vote

Lord Menzies Campbell, former Liberal Democrat Leader, will address activists at the Scottish Liberal Club in Edinburgh tomorrow evening in a talk about Europe and Brexit, where he will demand that the public be allowed to “pass judgement” on the deal by means of a people’s vote.

Speaking ahead of the event, Lord Campbell said:

“The chances of the Prime Minister’s deal being approved by the Commons melt by the hour as bitterness and abuse replace loyalty and respect.

“The British people were assured that the vote to leave would be followed by a trouble-free and successful exit and that the economy would prosper. More than that, the people were given to believe that their Government would conduct the negotiations in an effective and unified way.

“In all these expectations, they have been failed. They have been failed by incoherence and incompetence. The people of Britain have a right to be allowed to pass judgement on any deal forged in such circumstances.”

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