Locked out

Locked out

Today, I was supposed to visit Amazon in Dunfermline.At the last minute, they cancelled the visit, because they were too embarrassed to let me see conditions in the center - and too embarrassed by the wages they pay their staff.Big companies like Amazon, that receive government grants, should pay their staff the living wage.That's why we will never pay government grants to companies that don’t pay the living wageAgree? Add your name here: scotlibdems.org.uk/livingwage

Posted by Willie Rennie on Monday, 21 March 2016

Today I was due to meet management at Amazon in Dunfermline to discuss concerns over the way that the company treats their staff.

Instead, they cancelled the meeting at the last minute and left me locked out on the pavement outside their Fife depot.

The meeting was support to discuss reports that staff were being treated unfairly, with poor terms and conditions, low pay and long hours.

Meanwhile, the company has received millions of pounds in grants from the Scottish Government.

How can it be right to reward companies for their failure as employers?

It is up to businesses to set pay rates but government should not be providing financial support to businesses who fail to pay the Living Wage.

Whether we are talking about pay, or other terms and conditions, workers must be treated fairly by their employers.

That is why the Liberal Democrat manifesto for this election will include a commitment that we will never dole out government bonuses to big businesses like Amazon that do not pay at least the Living Wage.

Happy employees who are paid enough and valued for their work achieve so much more.

They should not be trodden down by the companies that employ them.

By reducing the extremes in wealth we will have a much fairer and more equal Scotland.

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