Liberal Democrats to debate decriminalising abortion

Liberal Democrat conference delegates will today [15\09\18] debate the decriminalisation of abortion, including for woman in Northern Ireland.

The proposals put to delegates at the party’s conference in Brighton also include the enforcement of buffer zones around abortion service providers, a policy rejected by the Conservative Government this week.

A similar motion was adopted by the Scottish Liberal Democrats at their conference in Aviemore in Spring 2018
Speaking ahead of the debate, Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said:
“It’s not good enough that we are living in a country where women in Northern Ireland are being denied the same rights as women in the rest of the UK. That is utterly unacceptable.
“It’s half a century since the Abortion Act was introduced and yet having an abortion has never been decriminalised.
“I want the Liberal Democrats to show that we are 100 per cent behind the women in this country who want this ridiculous 19th century anomaly removed from the statute books.
“I know abortion is still an incredibly sensitive subject, perhaps the most sensitive, but that doesn’t allow us to shrink away. We have a responsibility to ensure woman have the right to choose without fear of exercising that right.”

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