Liberal Democrats stand up for devolved Parliaments over professional qualifications

Wendy Chamberlain, Member of Parliament for North East Fife and Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Scotland and Wales has tabled amendments to the Professional Qualifications Bill which will be debated in Westminster on Monday. 

The new law is needed to regulate the professional qualifications of people – such as teachers, lawyers, engineers and doctors - coming to work in the UK after Brexit.

In the face of the Government’s refusal to acknowledge that these professions vary between the nations of the UK and inability to gain the consent of the Devolved Governments, Ms Chamberlain has tabled amendments with cross party support to ensure that the Devolved Governments are able to regulate their own industries and that the new advice body is set up to work for all those in the UK.

Ms Chamberlain said: 

“This is nothing but the Internal Market Bill all over again. This Government is trying to take powers back to Westminster which belong to the Governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

“My amendments will make sure that it is the Scottish Government who make sure that those practicing law in Scotland know the difference between not guilty and not proven; and that teachers who want to work in Wales get proper advice about the Welsh speaking requirements.” 

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