Lib Dems will stand up for human rights

Scottish Liberal Democrat Edinburgh West MP Mike Crockart has said that Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to strengthening human rights protections at home and abroad.

It comes after the Scottish Human Rights Commission said the undercurrent of debate about changing human rights laws was “regressive in nature”.

Liberal Democrats have stopped the Conservatives from scrapping the Human Rights Act and breaking the link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights. 

In Scotland, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have led the defence of civil liberties in the face of stop and search many times higher than that in England, armed police on routine duties, plans to scrap corroboration and more.

Mike Crockart said:

“When it comes to defending human rights at home and abroad, the Liberal Democrat record is rock solid.

“In coalition government we stopped the Conservatives from watering down the Human Rights Act. In Holyrood, we have campaigned against the SNP’s intrusive plans to create a super ID database which is one step away from  an ID card.

“As we head towards the election, those siren voices in the Conservative party will again threaten our hard-won human rights in a bid to pander to UKIP. You can’t count on the Conservatives to build a fairer society. More and more people are realising that you need a strong team of Scottish Liberal Democrats in Westminster to stand up for our human rights protections.”


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