Lib Dems welcome moves on unregulated stop and search

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today welcomed a statement from the First Minister that signalled consensual stop and searches against children would soon be brought to end.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie questioned the First Minister on the use of the tactic today. 

Speaking after First Ministers Questions, Mr Rennie said:

“The Scottish Government’s welcome move to put a stop to unregulated, consensual stop and search is long overdue. The real test of whether the First Minister is getting the justice portfolio under control is if she legislates to ban permanently the use of consensual stop and search.

“It is clear we are a long way from guaranteeing children adequate protection of their civil liberties.  

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have always said that there is a role for evidence-led, statutory stop and search in the police officers toolkit. But consensual stop and search, based on no evidence or cause for suspicion, only serves to undermine the relationship between young people and police.

“The police have told us before that consensual stop and search on children was to be scrapped. The Scottish Government and Police Scotland will have to work hard to assure young people that the fullest consideration is being given to ending this indefensible tactic.”





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