Lib Dems want tougher puppy protections

The Scottish Liberal Democrat conference has today endorsed plans to tighten licensing for puppy sales and crack down on puppy farming. Sales of puppies from illegal factories in Scotland are estimated to have topped £13m last year.


Proposals for the Scottish Government include:

  • Banning third party sales of dogs
  • Banning the sale of dogs under 8 weeks old
  • Introducing new licences to cover the sale of pets
  • Increasing maximum penalties for animal cruelty

Proposals for the UK Government include:

  • Reducing the number of litters before a licence is required to two
  • Banning online unlicensed sales
  • Regulating internet adverts

Scottish Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Mariam Mahmood commented:

“Puppy farming is an abhorrent and abusive trade. Illegal breeders are exploiting loopholes to avoid requiring licences. We must do more to catch out cruel dealers in search of quick profit.

“It’s important we raise the profile of puppy farming and make sure prospective owners know what to look out for, especially because of the disastrous health effects farming has on people’s pets.

“The Scottish Government ought to revise licences for the sale of dogs, ban third party sales and rule out the sale of particularly young dogs.”

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