Lib Dems vow to oppose "Eton coup"

Responding to the reports that the Government is expected to ask the Queen to suspend Parliament from mid-September, Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson said:

"Shutting down Parliament would be an act of cowardice from Boris Johnson. He knows the people would not choose a No Deal and that elected representatives wouldn’t allow it. He is trying to stifle their voices.

"By suspending Parliament to force through a No Deal, Boris Johnson and the Government would remove the voice of the people at the most important time. It is a dangerous and unacceptable course of action which the Liberal Democrats will strongly oppose.  

"Yesterday, MPs from all parties united to avert a disastrous No Deal Brexit and to prevent an anti-democratic shut down of Parliament. 

"We did this because a No Deal Brexit would be a catastrophe for our country. The Government itself has admitted that this will cause food and medicine shortages.

"The Liberal Democrats will continue both our cross-party efforts to prevent No Deal, and our fight to stop Brexit altogether."

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“This is an Eton coup and a democratic outrage.

“I hope that Ruth Davidson will join the chorus of condemnation that this decision deserves and confirm that Scottish Conservatives will oppose any measures to prevent parliament having its say.

“This process began with a democratic vote, it must not end with a behind closed doors stitch up.”

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