Lib Dems urge people to have their say on SNP super ID database plans

Leading Liberal Democrats have urged people to shout loudly in their opposition to the SNP’s plans to expand access to their super ID database.

The public consultation on the controversial plans will end on Wednesday this week (25th February). The Scottish Government’s proposals will expand access to their NHS Central Register to 120 public bodies, assigning each individual with a unique citizen reference number to accompany their data stored on one central database.

One of the leading Liberal Democrat critics of the Labour government’s proposals for ID cards, Lord Philips of Sudbury, today warned that the plans are “ID cards by the back door.” Baroness Shirley Williams this weekend added to growing concern over the plans, cautioning; “we must be careful not to sleepwalk into authoritarianism.”

Speaking ahead of the consultation closing later this week, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

“People must shout loudly in their opposition to the SNP’s super ID database plans. The SNP Government’s ill-conceived proposals to expand access the NHS Central Register would pose a significant intrusion on our rights to privacy. The establishment of one massive central database comes with its own risks to the security of our privacy.

“The Scottish Government’s consultation close this week. This will be the only opportunity for people to make their voice heard and I would urge them to do so.”

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