Lib Dems unveil checklist for a federal future

The Scottish Liberal Democrat virtual conference has today restated its opposition to another independence referendum and backed plans for a federal UK including: 

  • A new constitution for the United Kingdom 
  • Reform of the Westminster voting system to Single Transferable Vote to make sure the outcome of elections more closely reflects the views of the voters; 
  • Reform of the House of Lords to a democratic basis with strong voices for the nations and regions; 
  • A dispute resolution process to help the various UK administrations work together more effectively in a federal UK. 
  • Changing the voting system for the Scottish Parliament to single transferable vote to remove the existing two-tier nature of regional and constituency MSPs; 
  • The Scottish Liberal Democrats to campaign vigorously at the 2021 Scottish elections for the reform of the United Kingdom into a truly federal country, to use the power and influence of Liberal Democrat MSPs in the new Scottish Parliament in co-operation with other Parties and with Liberal Democrats across the UK to secure a federal future for our country, and to reject the negative option of a further divisive independence referendum.

Commenting on the proposals, Scottish affairs spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain MP said: 

“Liberal Democrats want to show voters that they don’t have to choose between Boris Johnson’s calamitous Conservatives or a poorer, more isolated Scotland under the SNP. Another independence referendum would mean years of division but no meaningful action to address the real flaws in our democracy. These proposals offer the prospect of real reform for the whole UK.

“Changing the voting systems at Scottish and UK elections would ensure that everyone’s vote counts and everyone has a tangible stake in our democracy. 

“With today’s motion, Scottish Liberal Democrats re-affirm that we believe in working in partnership with others in every corner of these islands and reject the prospect of a further divisive independence referendum.” 

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