Lib Dems table Urgent Question on “cryptic” Queen’s Consent

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have lodged an Urgent Question to the Scottish Government, asking for a response to concerns raised about the operation of Queens Consent in Scotland.

This follows research by the Scottish Liberal Democrats after correspondence which revealed that Queens Consent enabled a controversial exemption from the Heat Networks (Scotland) Bill for the monarch's properties and lands. This came to light through a Freedom of Information Request by the party. Information is still being kept out of public view by the Scottish Government, who claim that making the exchanges public risks undermining the monarch’s position of political neutrality.

With Parliament due to be recalled on Tuesday, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP is hoping to use the opportunity to challenge the Scottish Government’s approach to Queens Consent.

Mr Cole Hamilton confirmed that he had lodged an urgent question, and spoken with the Presiding Officer.

He said

"The research by Scottish Liberal Democrats into the use of Queen's Consent in Scotland, is about seeking an open and honest conversation about this arcane and secretive process. In its current form it is cryptic wide open to abuses of power”

"Obstruction and lack of clarity has been one of the hallmarks of the SNP since they came to power, especially when it comes to the Freedom of Information Law, which they have regularly sought to roll back and undermine.”

“Despite outcry from all sides of the political spectrum, including  an SNP MP, we still don't have the full detail of how the Scottish Government were pressured into changing the law.”

"Transparency and scrutiny must be at the heart of any true and functioning democracy. It is our responsibility as public representatives to try and uphold these principles through every avenue available.”

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