Lib Dems: SQA's new system asking teachers to make artificial assessments

After questioning the Chief Executive of the SQA, Fiona Robertson, at the Scottish Parliament's Education Committee, Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Beatrice Wishart MSP commented:

"The new 19-point scale combined with the ranking system is asking teachers to make impossible, artificial micro-assessments.

"An example in the SQA's own guidance involves a teacher ranking 15 pupils already placed in a bracket just 3% wide, so effectively estimating a grade down to fractions of a per cent.

"Teachers know their pupils but they don't want to be forced from sound judgement into the realm of guesswork that risks behaviour bias.

"The SQA today denied that the system is being reverse-engineered to get the right results, but people are worried this is what the new system is being built around. Many teachers currently wrestling with it don't believe it is in the interests of their pupils. 

"The Scottish Government and SQA promised a credible and fair alternative to May's exams. At the moment, it's too open to interpretation in some parts and unrealistically precise in others."

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