Lib Dems seek “reinvigorated” cervical screening awareness campaign

The Scottish Liberal Democrat conference has today endorsed proposals for the government to launch a refreshed cervical cancer screening awareness campaign.

At present an estimated 4,500 lives are saved by cervical cancer screenings in the UK each year. With early detection almost all cervical abnormalities can be treated.

The Lib Dems would like cervical screening to be one of the core focuses of the Detect Cancer Early programme and for educational and youth organisations to play a greater role in encouraging young women to discuss body confidence issues.

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“It’s extremely worrying that so many women are skipping potentially life-saving screenings.  

“Promoting the importance of cervical screening and other screening programmes must be a pillarstone of the Detect Cancer Early programme. A reinvigorated awareness campaign from NHS Scotland could work wonders in dispelling the myths about testing, reminding people of the importance of this test and giving people the confidence to take it.

“No one should risk their health because of embarrassment. Cervical cancer could affect every woman in this country, and its eradication should be at the top of the agenda.”

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