Lib Dems reveal tens of thousands spent on chopping up doors

Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson Willie Rennie has today stated that the SNP are taking an axe to any inch of political credibility after his party revealed that the government awarded businesses more than £19,000 to chop off the bottom of doors.   

In February of this year Scottish Liberal Democrats revealed that the government intended to chop the bottom off thousands of doors in “problematic” classrooms where airflow was poor.  

Ministers subsequently disputed that this was the intention of the fund.  

However, a Freedom of Information request submitted by Scottish Liberal Democrats, which asked a) what type of businesses were provided with funds through the Business Ventilation fund to undercut or raise non-fire doors and b) how much was provided to each business to carry out this work, has now revealed that the government made 42 awards, totalling £19,200.  

Mr Rennie commented:   

“The government’s humiliating foray into carpentry has taken an axe to their crumbling credibility.   

“This ridiculous plan had no backing from medical guidance and triggered confusion and concern among the fire service. 

The Scottish Government should have been supporting businesses to invest in the installation of air filters and appropriate ventilation. Instead, this government has tossed effective responses and pragmatic solutions to the wind. The First Minister should announce fresh financial support so that businesses can install air filters, tackle Covid build up and support our path towards recovery.   

“It would appear that the First Minister is hellbent on chopping, whether that be chopping up doors or chopping up the UK.”  

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