Lib Dems reveal "eye-watering" £1.1 million paid out by ScotRail "delay repay"

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today revealed ScotRail's "delay repay" pay outs for 2019-20 surpassed the "eye-watering" sum of £1.1m in the year up to the start of lockdown.

A freedom of information request submitted by the party revealed that ScotRail paid out £1,129,976.17 in the 2019-20 period alone. That's up from £1,119,818 in 2018-19 and £647,670 in 2017-18.

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Carole Ford commented:

"These eye-watering pay outs are the product of endless delays on Scotland's rail network in the year before the pandemic struck. The numbers speak of a pretty dismal performance on punctuality.

"This only scratches the surface. Many more people may have been entitled to compensation but the process isn't automatic.

"While many people are missing their colleagues and the everyday workplace interactions, they don't miss the cancellations, delays and kicking their heels on platforms. Scotland's commuters and explorers just want a reliable and comfortable service.

"We need to make sure that as the pandemic draws to a close and people turn back to public transport services are running efficiently.

"Cancellations and delays disrupt the journeys of thousands of passengers, damage our economy and put people off public transport when there is a climate emergency. In the time it has remaining in the current franchise, ScotRail must make swift moves to demonstrate it can finally deliver on its commitments."

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