Lib Dems reveal 125,000 fly tipping reports only led to 43 PF referrals

Scottish Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Rebecca Bell has today called for people who dispose of waste illegally to “face the full force of the law”, after new research by the Scottish Liberal Democrats revealed that despite 125,000 reported incidents of fly tipping, just 43 cases were referred to the Procurator Fiscal.

Freedom of information requests submitted by the Scottish Liberal Democrats reveal there were 126,344 incidents of fly tipping reported to local authorities between 2016 and 2019. Only 43 cases were referred to the Procurator Fiscal or resulted in convictions. 

Rebecca Bell said: 

“The volume of complaints about fly-tipping in recent years is staggering. Fly tipping is a serious problem in many communities and blights beauty spots across the country.

“People are rightly disgusted to find their fields or streets used as impromptu rubbish dumps. It’s a lazy and selfish practice that harms the environment and too often dumps costs on those affected who have to clean it up.

“There’s a huge gulf between the number of reports and the number of cases being referred on. Those who dispose of waste illegally should face the full force of the law and the Scottish Government should look at whether the existing penalty is a strong enough deterrent."

Local authorities were asked to provide the total number of:

- times fly tipping incidents that have been reported in each of the past three years,

- and the number of convictions for fly tipping in each of the past three years.

Some councils did volunteer that they had collectively issued 379 fixed penalty notices.

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