Lib Dems respond to Malthouse drugs policing comments

Responding to comments from UK policing minister Kit Malthouse reported in today’s Daily Mail, Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the drugs emergency Ben Lawrie said:

"If Kit Malthouse is opposed to common sense reforms that worked in other parts of the world then he is part of the problem. 

"The Conservatives have pursued their war on drugs for years and as always drugs win. International evidence shows that locking people up for personal possession offences is fruitless. We need a fresh approach. Target organised crime but get people with drug dependencies into treatment.

"The Scottish Government should listen to Scottish Liberal Democrats, and now too the Lord Advocate, and come forward with specific and workable proposals for safe consumption facilities that she can countenance.

“Scotland’s drug death crisis has been raging for far too long.  Every measure needs to be on the table to bring it to a close and it is time to press ahead with these facilities.”

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