Lib Dems respond as Obama warns nationalism has damaged climate cooperation

Responding to remarks from Barack Obama's speech to COP26 in which the former President warned "we're living in a moment when international cooperation has atrophied—in part because of the pandemic, in part because of the rise of nationalism and tribal impulses around the world", Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"Scotland's First Minister has exploited her position on the global stage to push her divisive independence agenda rather than green sustainable solutions. The Scottish Greens, after casting aside their values for a seat at the SNP table, went to COP26 to complain about Greenpeace and push independence too. It was quite possibly the least green welcome Glasgow could offer to the leaders of the world.

"There is no planet B. We are all in this together and we can only find solutions to the climate emergency if all we all cooperate, within the UK and at global level. President Obama is quite right in saying that nationalism is a barrier to that.

“The Scottish Liberal Democrat are committed to delivering new hope for the climate and offering concrete solutions to save our planet"

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