Lib Dems repeat calls for independent review as policing bodies face "crisis of confidence"

Scottish Liberal Democrats have repeated their calls for an independent review of  policing bodies Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority.


It follows an unprecedented joint statement issued by the Chief Constable and the SPA chairman in which they defended the SNP Government's political decision to centralise Scotland's police service. 

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes MSP warned that the bodies and the SNP Government faced a "crisis of confidence" over accountability measures which should ensure the SPA and the Scottish Government are responsible for holding Police Scotland to account. 

Ms McInnes said:

"When the Chief Constable of Police Scotland and the Chairman of SPA decided to jointly defend the SNP Government's political reforms, any remaining hope that the public was being given a transparent, democratic public service was extinguished.

"Police Scotland, the SPA and the SNP Government face a crisis of confidence unless serious steps are taken to put accountability back into the heart of these three powerful bodies."

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie added:

"The three bodies are united in their denial of the chaos all around them. The tragic M9 crash, unabated use of consensual stop and search, armed police on our streets and police spying claims have eroded public trust in the ability of Police Scotland to serve communities.

"This isn't fair on Police officers or the communities they serve. 

"That is why I want an independent review into the SNP's police reforms. It will ensure lessons are learnt, and put policing in Scotland back on the right tracks."

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