Lib Dems reject move to national assessment

Any move to use school national assessment to produce league tables will be resisted say the Scottish Liberal Democrats. An education summit in Edinburgh today heard from teaching representatives concerned about the heavy workload for teachers.

Commenting after the conference, education spokesman Tavish Scott MSP said:

“The Scottish Government have recognised support for Headteachers across Scotland is essential given the pressures on workload that exists for all teachers in every school. But the last thing Headteachers need is the re-introduction of school league tables. The summit today discussed the difference between high stake year end national tests for all pupils compared to continuous class room assessment.

"The Scottish Government now seem determined to make these assessments part of a national set-up that will allow comparisons on a school by school basis. That will inevitably lead to a school league table. That is an approach that did not improve Scottish education in the past and it is difficult to see why it would work now."

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