Lib Dems reach out the senior nationalists and Greens to halt Indy ref for this parliament

Senior Nationalists and Greens have been urged to back a parliamentary vote to halt and sist an independence referendum for this parliamentary term. Willie Rennie has written to Alex Neil, Kenny Macaskill and Patrick Harvie to invite them to support the vote in response to the general election where the SNP were the biggest losers across the UK.

Speaking in Milngavie as he celebrated the election of four MPs Willie Rennie said:

"The SNP suffered big losses on Thursday and their plan for another independence referendum was the big reason for that result. To lose 21 MPs including the former First Minister and Deputy Leader as well as facing a 13 percentage point drop in the vote was an event that requires a significant response.

"To respond appropriately we need a vote in the Scottish Parliament to push any independence referendum far into the future. That is why I have written to Alex Neil, Kenny Macaskill and Patrick Harvie to secure their support for such a vote. 

"With their support I am sure others in the parliament would come on board too. We unanimity with Holyrood we could bring the country together after the divisions of the last few years. 

"Scotland needs to come together and this is a big opportunity to do that."

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