Lib Dems raise concerns of park home owners hit by cost-of-living crisis

Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader and North East Fife MSP Wendy Chamberlain has written to the Scottish and UK governments to raise the concerns of park home owners facing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

Currently in Scotland there is no cap on park home pitch fees and increases are calculated using the retail price index (RPI). Ms Chamberlain has been contacted by constituents from Rosebank Park Homes concerned that ground rent will go up by 25% in a 12-month period. This will mean that they are paying more than their mortgage on ground fees.

In England the government have committed to changing the pitch fee review inflationary index from the RPI to the CPI (which should be lower), but Scottish Government have not made the same commitment. 

Additionally, park home owners are not eligible for the UK Government energy payment as they do not pay the energy companies directly.

Ms Chamberlain has now written to both the Scottish and UK governments to raise these issues.

Wendy Chamberlain said:

"The cost-of-living crisis is biting but residents in park homes are finding themselves exposed at every turn.

"The Scottish Government should copy their counterparts in England and commit to linking pitch fees to the lower CPI rate of inflation.

"The UK Government also need to make sure that those who live in park homes are getting the benefit of the UK Government's energy support payment. It is not a huge sum of money but it could make a huge difference to families who are struggling to get by.

"I will continue to press both governments to do more to tackle the cost-of-living crisis which risks being the biggest fall in living standards since the end of rationing."

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