Lib Dems pave way for crackdown on aviation emissions

Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP has today secured amendments to the Climate Change Bill to ensure the additional impact that aviation emissions at high altitudes can have on global warming are taken into account when calculating Scotland’s emissions output in future.

Mr McArthur’s amendments force the Scottish Government to regularly consult the Committee on Climate Change and take into account up to date advice on the impact of aviation emissions.

Liam McArthur said:

“Tackling aviation emissions will be key to achieving our climate change ambitions. A key first step is recognising that those emissions have different impacts depending on where they occur.

“We know, for example, that aviation emissions can be particularly damaging to the environment at higher altitudes. It’s time we took action to recognise that.

“Policies and measures to limit the damage of airline emissions must be based on the best possible scientific evidence. My amendments today will make sure the Scottish Government properly calculates and reports on the scale of that damage. 

“Airlines need to take responsibility for the emissions they release high up and out of sight.”

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