Lib Dems mark Europe Day

The Liberal Democrats are marking Europe day today and Willie Rennie, the leader of the only party in the Scottish Parliament united behind a referendum on the final deal, has used the occasion to highlight the benefits of Britain’s position at the heart of the European Union.

Willie Rennie said:

“Today we mark being part of the European community, the customs union, the single market, the common travel area, the European Investment Bank, the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, Erasmus, the most successful peace project of all time and much more.

“Scottish public life benefits hugely from these tight connections and it’s clear that in leaving the European Union we will be poorer, more isolated in the world and miss out on the benefits of cooperating with our neighbours. This is precisely why the Liberal Democrats are eager to see Britain given the chance for an exit from Brexit.

“British businesses and citizens deserve certainty and opinion across the UK is changing. More and more people want a say on the terms Theresa May negotiates with Brussels and the factions within her own party.

“I’m very hopeful the public will ultimately get a chance to decide whether the final deal is good enough and this won’t be the last Europe day we get to celebrate.”

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