Lib Dems launch push to deliver stronger Scotland within the UK

Scottish Liberal Democrats will be making the case for a stronger Scotland within the United Kingdom from Shetland to the Borders as the referendum campaign enters its final month.

Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs and MSPs will be working with activists in their local areas to contact hundreds of thousands of voters over the next four weeks.

The final stage of the grassroots Scottish Liberal Democrat referendum campaign will include:

- Hundreds of thousands of leaflets delivered across Scotland
- Public meetings and referendum Q&A’s across the country
- Conversations with tens of thousands of voters

Commenting, Scottish Liberal Democrat party president Sir Malcolm Bruce said:

“This is the longest campaign that I have ever been involved in and Scottish Liberal Democrats have been working hard to make the case for a stronger Scotland within the United Kingdom.

“As a party, we have always championed home rule and Liberal Democrats were at the heart of efforts to secure the creation of the Scottish Parliament.

“From the Borders to the north of Shetland, we have been knocking doors, hosting public meetings, delivering leaflets and speaking to undecided voters about what being part of the UK means for Scotland. For jobs, for families and for the opportunities available to Scots.

“With the vote now just one month away the pace is picking up and so is the enthusiasm we are seeing in our teams across the country. We will be working tirelessly to make the positive case for a stronger Scotland within the UK between now and September 18th.”

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