Lib Dems head to Bournemouth for record breaking conference

Vince Cable has said the Liberal Democrats are the only party offering an exit from Brexit and a serious, long-term approach to the economy, as the party begins its Autumn Conference in Bournemouth this weekend.

The conference will see a thousands of Liberal Democrats come to the town including the highest number of first-timers on record. On Tuesday, Vince will make his first speech to Conference as party leader.
Ahead of conference, Vince Cable said:
“This is a critical time in British politics, the country has a weak government trembling over a cliff edge. Only the Liberal Democrats have been strong and honest in warning the country about the dangers of Brexit.
“The Liberal Democrats will fight to keep Britain in the Single Market and offer an exit from Brexit – a referendum on the final Brexit deal with the option to remain.
“The Liberal Democrats go into conference bigger, more diverse, and significantly more influential than before the General Election. With a hung parliament, a weak Conservative government, a divided Labour Party and the Brexit process underway, the Liberal Democrats can make a real difference to the future of our country. Bournemouth is a chance to set out our vision.”

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