Lib Dems demand Sturgeon apologises for defamatory leaflets

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has called on Nicola Sturgeon to issue an unreserved apology in light of yesterday’s (26th Nov)  Court of Session case in Edinburgh ruling that an SNP leaflet was “false in substance, materially inaccurate and defamatory”.

The defamatory leaflet was being distributed in the East Dunbartonshire constituency and falsely attacked Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Willie Rennie commented:

“The SNP owe Jo Swinson and local people in East Dunbartonshire a full and unreserved apology. These sort of attacks should have no place in Scottish politics, and by setting the record straight Nicola Sturgeon can point a direction for the rest of her party to follow. Failure to do so will send all the wrong signals.”

Willie Rennie has sent a letter to Nicola Sturgeon calling for a written apology to be posted on the national and local SNP websites. Also, given that some of the defamatory leaflets were delivered before the Court ruling, he has called for a new leaflet that sets out this apology be delivered in the constituency.

“We look forward to Nicola Sturgeon doing the right thing" - Willie Rennie added.

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