Lib Dems can make the worry go away

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today used a campaign stop in Edinburgh to declare that votes for his party can make the worry of five years of debates over borders, the currency and the deficit go away. 

On Tuesday, Willie Rennie warned of divisions in the nationalist movement over currencies, the border and the difficulty of joining the EU. 

Since then, in the past three days alone: 

  • A shock poll showed around half of Green Party supporters don’t want independence; 
  • An SNP policy paper suggested they could start the process for another independence referendum after just 100 days of the new parliament starting; 
  • Nicola Sturgeon said that the troubled Northern Irish border protocol represents a template for a future Scotland-England border; 
  • The chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland owner NatWest Group said that the institution would move its headquarters from Edinburgh to London in the event of Scottish independence.
  • The Institute for Government warned that the likely size of the Scottish deficit could prove overwhelming.

Mr Rennie said: 

“I am appealing to people who have previously voted for the SNP. My politics is based on the idea that everyone deserves a chance to make something of their life. It’s campaigning for better mental health and education that gets me up in the morning. 

“All of that would be at risk if there were five years of rows over borders, the currency and the deficit.

“We shouldn’t have to spend the next five years worrying whether RBS will relocate to London or whether our family in England will be cut off on the other side of border at Berwick. 

“Many people who have voted for the SNP in the past will not want these arguments to dominate the next five years. 

“Voting for Scottish Liberal Democrats can make the worry go away. By backing my party on both ballots we can put the recovery first.”


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