Lib Dems call for vaccine rollout plan and public information campaign

Commenting on the confirmation from the Health Secretary that she will set out vaccine rollout plans to parliament this week, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

"With a second vaccine now returning good results, a new dawn is beginning to creep over the horizon.

"The rollout of the flu jab exposed major flaws in our delivery systems. Not only will these holes need to be plugged, swathes of new vaccination infrastructure will have to be built to cope with the scale of the rollout required.

"The Health Secretary needs to tell the public who the priority groups are, what the timescales for a rollout will be and how we will avoid repeats of past scandals which have seen GP clinics swamped and vulnerable people directed to immunisation centres well out of their way.

“Additionally, there needs to be a concerted government backed public information campaign aimed at dispelling the myths of those pedalling false information about vaccines and their side-effects.

"All of this will need to be scrutinised in Parliament."

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