Lib Dems call for stop to ministerial takeover of care services as consultation closes

As the Scottish Government consultation on proposals for a ministerial takeover of care services closes today, Scottish Liberal Democrats have called for a halt to the SNP’s “centralisation mission” in social care.

The party’s alternative plan to deliver reform of adult social care would see much needed changes, without the yet more power and control being granted to Scottish ministers. It includes new national entitlements to drive up the quality of care for users and prioritising the introduction of new national fair work standards for staff to improve pay, conditions and career progression. 

Leader and Health and Social Care spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton said:  

“This consultation only reinforced concerns Scottish Liberal Democrats have long held about the SNP’s centralisation mission. Good, local services are being dragged under Ministerial control jeopardising improvements for care users and care workers alike.

"We need to recognise the hard work of staff and ensure that standards are high but that should be a job for properly funded and accountable local authorities, not SNP ministers who think they know best.   

“After all, it was these same Scottish Government ministers who were responsible for sending untested and Covid-positive patients into care homes at the start of the Pandemic. Despite this catalogue of errors the government now wants power over our care homes on a permanent basis. 

“There has always been a bizarre contradiction at the heart of the SNP. They are determined to claim powers from Westminster, yet ruthlessly centralise control in Holyrood.  

“After a decade of incompetent treatment at the hands of the SNP, our proposals will allow local authorities to make long-term investments, encourage and reward innovation and ensure each local authority receives a fair share of Scottish Government resources to improve social care services.” 

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