Lib Dems call for Russian Consulate street to be renamed “Zelensky Street”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today written a letter to Edinburgh City Council calling on them to rename Melville Street, where the Russian Consulate is located to “Zelensky Street”. The new street name would be in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and a reminder to all those writing to or visiting the Consulate about the crimes committed by Putin over recent weeks.

A number of cities in Europe are currently changing the names of streets which base Russian embassies. 

Vilnius, Lithuania, will change the name of the street the Russian embassy is on to “Heroes of Ukraine Street”. Tirana, Albania, will also call their street “Free Ukraine Street”, and Riga in Latvia is due to be called “Independent Ukraine Street”.

The street where the Russian Consulate is located is Melville Street. The Scottish Liberal Democrats are calling for it to be renamed “Zelensky Street” after the Ukrainian President addressed the House of Commons yesterday. 

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“Britain must shame Putin at every possible opportunity. Everyone visiting or writing to the consulate should be reminded of Putin’s murderous and destructive invasion of Ukraine. 

“This small but meaningful gesture would match the outpouring of support from Kyiv’s twin city Edinburgh. It mirrors the kind of protest that was used against South African embassies during Apartheid, and speaks to the proud tradition of solidarity shown by scots to oppressed and persecuted people the world over.

“Edinburgh has responded with horror and compassion to the images coming out of Ukraine. The offers to house those fleeing the horror of war in Capital homes has been truly inspiring. This would be a further beacon of solidarity for the people of Ukraine. 

“At every level of government, we must do more to help those affected by the invasion. The UK Government must immediately waive visa requirements for refugees, the Scottish Government must do more to identify Russian land interests and the city can play its part in readying itself for refugees and in small acts of defiance to Russian aggression like this.”

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