Lib Dems call for enhanced package for carers on Carers' Rights Day

On Carers Rights Day 2021, North East Fife's MSP and MP are calling on the UK and Scottish governments to support carers through a significant uplift in the carers allowance they receive and to help unpaid carers by providing guaranteed respite.  

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that the Carers Allowance should be permanently increased across the UK by £1,000 per year and have called on the Scottish Government to double its Carers Allowance Supplement for 2022, while also extending its Covid uplift over the same period, in line with new powers available this winter.  

Scottish ministers should also introduce a permanent guaranteed respite scheme for unpaid carers, with funding for councils to provide the additional support. 

Carers Rights Day, 25th November, takes place each year to ensure carers are aware of their rights, know where they can get help and support, and to raise awareness of the challenges carers face. 

Willie Rennie said: 

"Carers are the backbone of many of our communities in North East Fife and they have taken on a lot over the past eighteen months. Many unpaid carers haven't been able to take a single break through the whole pandemic.  

"There is a lot our governments could do to show our appreciation for everything they have done and provide them with the support they need. By increasing the allowance and extending the uplift into 2022, ministers would send a clear message that carers haven't been forgotten and that would give many families certainty and for the coming year." 

Wendy Chamberlain added: 

"Our governments must finally recognise the incredible contribution that both paid and unpaid carers make to our society and give them the support they deserve.  

"The pandemic has shown us just how much our health care system and communities depend on carers. Ministers have an opportunity and a duty to make some changes that could have a big impact on people's lives and help support carers as we recover from the pandemic."

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