Lib Dems begin final leg of grassroots stronger Scotland campaign

Scottish Liberal Democrats are to begin the final leg of their grassroots campaign to build a stronger Scotland within the UK as campaigns mark 50 days until the referendum.

Over the past few months Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs, MSPs and councillors have been leading local road to the referendum events in their constituencies. The open public meetings are part of a wider grassroots initiative from the party to make the case for a stronger Scotland in the UK through their plans for home rule in a federal UK.

The next stage of the campaign will see Scottish Liberal Democrat leader attend these MP/MSP-led events in seats across Scotland, with the Highlands, Caithness, Fife, the North East and the Borders included in his campaign stops.

In the remaining weeks up to the vote the grassroots Stronger Scotland campaign is expected to include visits and speeches from a number of senior Liberal Democrats.

Speaking at a Road to a Stronger Scotland meeting in East Dunbartonshire, led by local Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, Mr Rennie said:

"Liberal Democrats are the party of a stronger Scotland. Our local MPs and MSPs have always had a reputation for working tirelessly for the constituencies they serve. That is something they have done with great vigour throughout this referendum campaign, talking to people in their communities and setting out the facts in their road to the referendum events.

"With 50 campaign days until the important vote we will loudly make our case for Scotland to have the best of both worlds. We can be proud to have a strong Scottish parliament, with more powers on the way, backed up by the strength, security and stability of the UK. That is the sunshine, positive and Liberal case for building a stronger Scotland within the UK.

"The final leg of our positive campaign for a stronger Scotland begins now. At over 50 events up and down Scotland Liberal Democrats like Jo Swinson will be leading events in their local communities where you can get the facts, engage and join our efforts. This positive message is in stark contrast with the nationalists, who, instead of addressing the many questions over their plans for currency or EU membership, are resorting to negative scare stories which would put Stephen King to shame.

"From Kelty to Gala to Thurso, I look forward to joining my colleagues and friends across Scotland as we make the liberal case for a stronger Scotland in the UK."

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