Lib Dems back new national parks and nature investment to fight climate crisis

The Scottish Liberal Democrat virtual autumn conference has today backed a new package of policies designed to use nature to help fight the climate crisis.

The motion offers a plan to build a resilient and green natural economy, by investing in Scotland’s natural technologies to reduce emissions. This will be done by:

  • Starting work on a new network of national parks, building on local support, and changing the law to make conservation their priority;
  • Investing in long-term peatland restoration projects;
  • Rewarding sustainable agriculture through payment schemes;
  • Replacing EU biodiversity and climate change funding;
  • Legislating to introduce licencing of grouse shooting;
  • Bringing wildflowers to road verges to support bees and other pollinators, introducing wildlife-friendly practices and new havens for them in urban areas.

Environment spokesperson Rebecca Bell said: 

“We are at a tipping point for life on Earth. This year started with apocalyptic wildfires in Australia, and the last six years have included the five warmest years on record. 634 million people are now at risk from rising seas. 

“The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are deeply intertwined, in sickness and in health. Through human actions, we have overseen the degradation of the natural world. But with these plans, we can help to restore it.

“Scotland has to rise to the challenge. From the roundabouts in the middle of our cities to the peatlands in the most remote parts of the country, our new proposals would boost biodiversity, conserve our beautiful natural assets and tackle the climate crisis.

“They include powerful symbols of our commitment to making Scotland a sustainable country, setting a course for new national parks, rewilding and the restoration of critical habitats.

"These proposals set out our ambition to live in partnership with nature and demand better for our planet.”

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